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Located in the heart of Media City, TML is a purveyor of fine Italian & Lebanese dining.

Photos by Enrico Morzi


TML opened in August 2013 and is located in the heart of media city, Dubai, UAE. Since then, it has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of food. Moreover and to add the cherry on top, TML extends its range of products by serving its esteemed clients arguably the best quality shishas in town.

The Media Lounge's interior, designed with the media feel in mind, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to the rich sources of media & the media culture, being social media, paper media, digital media, etc. The multi-facet restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in the glass-encased Cascade setting on the Cafe side, or get the feel of the freshness of the Deli and its exquisite products.



800 TMLD (Delivery)

800 TMLME (Main Line)



Concord Tower, Media City, Dubai, UAE



Sa-Th 9:00AM–1:00AM
F- 1:00p–1:00AM


Why advertise in TML?

Do you want to have your Brand seen by top level executives and decision makers? Do you want your brand to be on the top of the minds of high net worth clients? of Media Gurus? IT Professionals? Telecom Professionals? If this is where you want your brand to be than you've hit the jack pot. TML provides a pool of high net worth captive audience under one roof that will look and stare at your brand for at least an hour. GET NOTICED NOW!

For advertising quotes and bookings, please drop an email to: info@tmlme.com

For more info about the statistics and the charges, scroll down below:

TML Statistics



  • Employees working in concord tower                                3,500
  • Media City free zone working population                        31,800
  • Media City free zone student population                          7,700
  • Media City hotel rooms                                                        2,000
  • Tram passengers                                                                10,000


  • Café peak hours are 12-4 pm (Sun-Thurs)
  • Approx.  350 customers/daily
  • Approx. 200 customers /weekend
  • Approx. 8000 customers/month
  • Captive audience that spends minimum 1+ hr per visit – dwell time
  • Average spend per person 70 AED
  • Average spend per table (4 pp.) 250+
  • 40% of customers are repeat loyal customers
  • Visit the café at least 3 x per week
  • higher brand visibility & exposure
  • higher brand top of mind - TOM
  • higher brand opportunity to see – OTS


  • Male/Female affluent business professional age 25 – 45 years old
  • Holds Mid-Snr level jobs
  • 60/40 spilt local & Arab expats/westerners
  • Salary bracket of 20,000 Dhms +
  • Up to date with fashion & technology
  • Dines out approx. 1-2 times per week
  • Travels approx. 2- 3 times per year

TML Rate Card



  • Static wall banner x 3                       193 cm x 122 cm                        3,000/each/month
  • Table top x 19                                     80 cm x 80 cm                             350/each/month
  • 42’’ inch LED  frame  x 2                                                                         1,500 each/month
  • 47’’ inch LED frame  x 2                                                                          1,500 each/month
  • Feature wall branding                         258 x 400 cm                                     4,000/month
  • 4 Face Column branding                   (66 x 400 cm) x 2 faces 

        (130  x 400 cm) x 2 faces                   3,500/month

  • EXCLUSIVE MAIN AREA TAKE OVER                                          20,000/month





  • Feature wall branding                        371 x 374 cm                            3,500/each/month
  • Feature wall branding                        217.2 x 285 cm                         2,500/each/month
  • Wall Posters                                        193 cm x 122 cm                      2,500/each/month
  • Table top x 13                                      80 x 80 cm                                  350/each/month
  • 32’’ inch LED frame  x 2                                                                                      900/month
  • 40’’ inch LED frame                                                                                            900/month
  • EXCLUSIVE AREA TAKE OVER                                           15,000/month



  • Int. Bathroom Doors x 2                      71 x 206 cm                               900/each/month
  • Ext. Bathroom Doors. x 2                    71 x 206 cm                               900/each/month
  • Flyer Distribution in delivery bags      (4 x 6)                                                               TBC


For advertising quotes and bookings, please drop an email to: info@tmlme.com




  • All Costs are in AED and is for rental space only. (Does not include production or installation)
  • Full payment to be received upon signing the contract.
  • All media designs must be given to TML Management 10 business days prior to the agreed launch date.
  • All media designs are subject to approval from TML Management prior to a launching phase.
  • Material Requirements: CD – Photoshop, JPEG or PDF (high resolution)
  • MRF (Material Request Form) will be shared with the advertiser, upon signature of agreement
  • For a 1-3 months period sponsors are not entitled to any discount. For 6 months + discount can be applicable.
  • TML Management holds all rights to remove any advert due to current unforeseen reasons in which any payment will be refundable with accordance to time consumption/illustration period. 

4.5 of 5 stars · 67 reviews



Rudy Haddad — 5 star

Delicious food, great value for money, combination of Italian and Lebanese cuisine

December 8, 2013 · 1 Review · 


Sandra-Rita Freiha — 4 star

Lovely atmosphere, suits almost all tastes. Appealing food presentation, novolistic concept and above all great food!

over a year ago · 1 Review .


Matias Jel — 5 star

LOvE TML- the food and culture is something that was deeply needed in the area! a MUST GO!

January 14, 2014 · 1 Review · 


Kat Gref — 5 star

Love the atmosphere and the quality of food is amazing! Defiantly recommend to try it out;)

December 29, 2013 · 4 Reviews · 


Hebatullah Essawy — 5 star

TML succeeded at offering Fine dining quality of food in a laid back, cozy and very modern atmosphere that you can enjoy... See More

January 10, 2014 · 1 Review · 




Based on 44 votes


Saaniya Abbas 4/5

12 Reviews , 159 Followers 

  Very close to our office in Media City, hence The Media Lounge is a convenient location for most advertising places. Their food is usually spectacular, and the indoor sheesha is a bonus. I wouldn't have known about this place had I not got this new job and met my colleagues so I don't think it's very well advertised. 

The interiors are quirky, with rolled up newspapers on the walls. Not too fond of the typography and some posters inside, if you're going to cater to media people, they're going to notice typography haha. 

The pastas are the reason we usually got there. I do love the low fat Turkey and Cheese with a brown baguette. Makes me happy that they offer low fat options, especially on days I'm feeling rotund (post-weekend guilt). They offer a variety of great food, and I'm quite happy with their service.


Shriya Sanjeev 3.5/4

88 Reviews , 195 Followers 

  I come here quite often for lunch, they have pretty good sheesha and pasta. Their Oreo peanut-butter milkshake is divine but very heavy and filling. The staff is friendly but the place is always extremely packed during lunch time. I like the interiors a lot, it's a very upbeat theme that complements the restaurant's name really well.


Shyaire Ganglani 3.5/5

Expert In Dubai Media City

  Decent food and decent service. Shisha here is quite nice but the place is always jam packed at lunch hour with a waiting line. 
They have a great lunch deal which included shisha, food and a beverage for under AED100. 
All in all, not bad at all! Try the dynamite shrimp at this place :


Amal Al Said

24 Reviews , 8 Followers 

One of the best places for Shisha in this area. Guys never disappoint me with quality of shisha. Food is also good, we like main items and some desserts.



Based on 70 votes 

People like this place


The steak is a must try and if you have a sweet tooth, don't leave without trying the carrot cake.

Sylvia Shohdi · August 19, 2013

Like - 12 likes


Good food! Excellent music selection!

Ana Kay · February 23, 2014

Like - 4 likes


They have Shisha for all you shisha lovers

Labiba Laith · August 15, 2013

Like - 4 likes


Try the pizzas really suggested

Neda Kr · August 30, 2013

Like - 3 likes


Perfect for business lunches, advertising, corporate events, corporate networking, new brand lunches, kids birthdays, watching sports games on big screens and much more..

Call: 800TMLME

email: info@tmlme.com

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